Service Commitments

            Our dedication to prompt, economical service includes our promise to:

            1. Send a qualified investigator to the site within 24 hours of receiving an assignment and report our preliminary findings to the                  principal.

            2. Produce and send a written report to the principal within 48 hours with initial findings, including the casualty, cause,                  responsibility and loss estimation.

            3. If the loss appears to exceed 5,000,000 (RMB), we will provide our initial assessment and establish a dedicated claim team                  within 24 hours.

            4. We will provide an initial assessment report (one original and one copy) to the client within 7 working days after the site                  inspection with all casualty details outlined.

            5. We will provide a final report with relevant documents within 5 working days after our tasks are completed.

            6. We will be immediately available to answer client questions or otherwise clarify matters.

            7. If a matter cannot be resolved within 30 days, we will update the client every 30 days until the matter is closed.

            8. We will never make promises or otherwise prejudice our client’s position.

            9. We will always maintain the highest professional standards and ethics.

            10. We will encourage suggestions from our clients about how we can do the best possible job.


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